Historical Profile

G. Hjalmar Anderson

     Following the typical model of the early twentieth century, G. Hjalmar Anderson emigrated from Sweden, settled in Rockford and went to work as a laborer for an established Swedish firm.  In 1907 Anderson labored for his uncle, Gust Holm (profiled on January 11th).

     Soon Anderson broadened his skills by learning carpentry under the firm of another builder, Winchester & Stewart.

     After a few years, Anderson and his brothers formed their own company, Security Building, Inc.   By 1922, when they received the contract for Roosevelt School, Security Building was the second largest construction firm in Rockford in terms of volume, just behind his uncles firm, Holm-Page Co. 

     Some of Security Building's clients included National Lock, J.L. Clark, Barber Colman, Greenlee as well as numerous commercial entities and schools.  

      Erick Haglund was the last president of Security Building, Inc.  He served  two terms as NIBCA president in 1970 and 1992. The firm continued to be a major Rockford contractor until his retirement.